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Meet Richard

Mindfulness Coach

Grounded in relational coaching, my coaching practice developed into an existential style involving the exploration of a client’s values, goals, and beliefs to identify the existential true nature of the client and thereby understand their unique path to peak fulfilment.


To paraphrase Abraham Maslow, the process of coaching is the same as the goal of coaching – through inquiry and insight to understand the essence of what makes up the client.


The paradox of coaching is that once a person understands how things truly are, it gives them permission to change and grow into a higher version of themselves.

Through experience I came to realise that when coaching from a position of mindful attention, the extra power of such presence (the coach staying fully in the present with clear awareness) enhances the presence of the client too, and this creates an even deeper richness to the coaching conversation.

A photo of Richard Smith

It's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting

- Paulo Coelho

I mindful image of observer and rising sun
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